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"Helping Churches to Thrive,

Not Just to Survive"

We at The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC. are dedicated to providing churches with biblical strategies to overcome obstacles to healthy biblical growth. 

Church Health 


If you have symptoms of a runny nose, chills, fever, and weakness in your body, most people will get a check-up by a physician to see what is wrong.

How about symptoms in church like declining attendance, struggling finances, feeling stuck, worship wars, being inwardly focused, or ineffective evangelism?


What do you do when the church you attend is sick?

I recommend getting a Comprehensive Church Health Assessment with The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC [TCCG].

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Just tell us what your visionary plans are and we’ll help you make them a reality!

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. We look forward to serving you and your church! 

The inspiration behind The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC. came from our desire to see healthy churches and the Great Commission fulfilled in Churches (Matthew 28:18-20).


As a Pastor and Church planter my failed experiences in effective leadership, discipleship, evangelism, biblical church growth, missions, church administration, and more drove me to explore my mistakes by furthering my training and education to assist in preventing other Pastors/Leaders from making the same mistakes.

Cheyney University, South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary, Louisiana Baptist University, Liberty University, The Society for Church Consulting, and Church Consulting University were an integral part in my leadership development to aid in my endeavor to consult churches and to strengthen leadership and churches alike.


The heart of TCCG is about glorifying Jesus who is the Head of the Church and by edifying the church in assisting them in becoming healthy with prayer & church revitalization, biblical principles, biblical models, biblical church growth, and biblical strategies with the services we render.

Cost Effective Services

Organize Meetings

Effective Communication

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