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Our Mission Is:

"Helping Churches to 


Not Just to Survive"

We at The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC. are dedicated to providing churches with biblical strategies to overcome obstacles to healthy biblical growth.

About Our Church Consulting Company

The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC. is a multicultural consulting company in South Florida that is dedicated to helping churches become a healthy place of worship.Our Founder & Certified Church Consultant (Generalist/Specialist), Dr. Michael Rackley, has been a pastor for more than 10 years. He understands what his fellow pastors are going through. Currently, Dr. Rackley is a Professor and Chairperson at a Bible College & Seminary.

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The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC. uses


Every consultation is tailored for each church and its context and promote biblical health

Dr. Michael L. Rackley

Certified Church Consultant & 

CEO/Founder of The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC.

Dr. Michael Rackley is a fourth generation Christian and educator for over twenty years at the Dade County Public Schools in Miami, Florida, Job Corps and Miami Dade College. He held various positions as a lead teacher, Senior Academic Educator, GED Teacher, ACT (college prep instructor) Coordinator, Cultural Awareness Instructor, Acting Director of Programs, and Acting Academic Manager. 


His mission was to educate, revolutionize minds, hearts, and lives for generations to come for Christ. Since his transformation, he was ordained as a pastor, planted a church where he was the Senior Pastor of Mighty Fortress of God Ministries Church in Miramar, Florida for ten years 2000-2009. He currently is the Founder/President of Sound the Shophar Ministries, Inc— (an evangelistic arm of the Church).

Dr. Rackley earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Arts Technology at Cheyney University in Pennsylvania (HBCU). Also, he earned forty-two graduate credits in Management of Information Systems from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida.


Later, he obtained a Master of Arts in Divinity degree from South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary in Deerfield Beach, Fl. Additionally, he holds a Ph.D in Biblical Studies from Louisiana Baptist University including practicum from his studies in the land of Israel. Dr. Rackley completed his terminal degree from Liberty University graduating with High Distinction with a Doctorate in Ministry in May 2014.


He has published a book in 2013 for youth and young adults entitled “We Will Not Bow to Babylon’s Table: A Spiritual and Practical Compass to Help our Youth Navigate through a Hostile Culture.” His favorite books are Church Growth, Leadership, Autobiographies and War Films. Dr. Rackley’s second love concerns bible prophecy in which he has two books in the making.


In 2008, Michael Rackley was inducted into Cheyney University Football Hall of Fame and was an undrafted free agent for the New Orleans Saints Football team in 1988. Presently, Dr. Rackley is married to Andrea Rackley, is the father of three beautiful daughters.


He is currently the Chairman/Advisor of the Ministry & Leadership Department, Full-Time Professor and Registrar at the South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

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Mrs. Andrea Rackley, BSN-RN

Prayer Leader & Chief Operating Offficer of 

The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC.

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Mrs. Andrea Rackley is married to Pastor Dr. Michael Rackley and they share four beautiful daughters. Mrs. Rackley is the Chief Operating Officer of The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC and her primary responsibility includes prayer and intercession, oversight operations, management of the company, and so much more.


Andrea and her husband and The Thriving Church Consulting Group practice among churches, Pastors, and church leaders to usher them back to a place of spiritual health.

A large part of her ministry centers around the ministry of prayer. The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC. identifies her as their prayer leader and Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Andrea has a great love for people!


In fact, she has dedicated her lifework to the care of adults of all ages, races, creeds, and health conditions and takes great pleasure in assisting them back to a place of health and wellness.


Minister Rackley is a Registered Nurse and has years of clinical experience in both Cardiac Care and Critical Care where patients require aggressive treatment to save lives.

Her scope of practice includes but is not limited to monitoring patients for changes in conditions such as Shock or Sepsis, instituting appropriate interventions to preserve organ function & life under the supervision of Doctors, and advocating for the needs of patients and families under her care.


It is the heart of the Rackley’s to see the Church and the community at large achieve balance and healing through hope & health promotion for better quality of life and to fulfill their God-given purpose in a healthy way! 

The Vision

The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC.

1. We envision consulting struggling churches so that they begin to thrive as well as to assist unhealthy churches in becoming healthy.


2. We envision consulting churches that are inwardly focused to become outwardly focused.

  • Great Commission Church Matthew 28:19

  • Outwardly Focus

3. We envision coming alongside the local and international churches to partner with them in their quest to grow healthy.

4. We envision assisting and guiding churches to “to make disciples” in Matthew 28:19-20 NASB


5. We envision making a global impact on thriving churches, by training church leaders “for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ;” Ephesians 4:12 NASB


6. We envision revitalizing churches, changing communities, and the world transformed for Christ.

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