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Overcome Challenges That Hinder
Your Church From Growing Healthy

"Our Mission is Helping Churches to Thrive, Not Just to Survive."

Consulting With Churches Seeking to Grow Healthy

At the Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC. We help churches by using a “ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL” approach to experiencing healthy church growth, mission, vision, strategic planning, and breakthrough. That is why we are here to make it happen through our church consulting services.

Connect with us in South Florida to find out more about what we do!

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The Thriving Church Consulting Group will only serve those in need of strategic ministry planning, revitalization and a desire for biblical church growth, but will not serve churches in major conflict that impedes the consultation or the work of the ministry.

The Thriving Church Consulting Group only accepts projects that can be completed in a professional and timely manner. We reserve the right to refuse future clients that don’t adhere to our code of ethics or Conservative Biblical Christian Worldview. 

Our Services Are ‘A ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL’ Approach:

Church Comprehensive Health Survey/Report

The consultant will conduct a survey of the church using a variety of surveys like the Church Health Survey from the Lawless Group.

Cost Effective Services 

We are committed to providing quality services at an affordable cost.

Organize Meetings

We conduct meetings that are applicable, helpful and efficient to key people.

Effective Communication

We facilitate clear and concise communication by employing active listening to better serve the church we are consulting.

Pastor Friendly Services 

We offer leader friendly services that are inclusive of pastors and the five-fold ministry leaders and decisions makers to foster trusting relationships and promote team ministry.

We Promote Maintenance of Church Identity

We’re not trying to change you! Our goal is to maintain the identity of the church while helping them to thrive in their journey to become healthy.

Biblical Approach

"Your church needs to think spiritually about strategic things and think strategically about spiritual things. Some churches and leaders fear that if they engage in a strategic process that they are stifling the Holy Spirit, or that it is unbiblical to engage in strategic planning. All of our training is rooted in the Scripture. We always advocate for your church to pursue biblical methods as your church changes and grows."


Dr.Rackley is a certified church consultant. He planted a church and was the lead pastor for a decade; he also is an experienced educator, author, Associate Professor and Chairman of the Ministry and Leadership Division at South Florida Bible College & Theological Seminary.


Furthermore, he is an advisor to many Senior/Lead pastors of churches of different sizes. He and his team provide consultations that include analysis on site/online with many other services that positively impact churches and ministries. Fees for the consultations are submitted in a consultation and fee proposal. He and his team offer the following assessments:

Services & Assessments

The Thriving Church Consulting Group, LLC.

  • 15-Week Comprehensive Church Health Assessment

  • Church Growth and Evangelism Strategy

  • Inwardly Focused to Outwardly-Focused Analysis

  • Developing a Church Vision/Mission and Core Values

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Development/Assessment

  • Cultural Relevance of Church and Community

  • Defined Discipleship Development (Small Groups)

  • Community Analysis (Demographic Studies and Psychographic Studies) 

  • Education /Training Analysis

  • Facility Analysis

  • Multi-Venue or Multi-Site Campuses Advising

  • Church Planting Advising

  • Staffing Analysis

  • Outreach/Evangelism and Missions/Missional Strategies

  • Budget/Financial Data Analysis and Data Interpretation

  • Gift Training (Spiritual Gifts Survey) for Leadership

  • Incorporation of Non-Profits

  • New Member and Guest Assimilation Processes

  • Ministry Audits

  • Church Revitalization and Strategic Planning

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